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The purpose of an event can differ vastly depending on the company and its current goal. Whether it be team building, networking, or fundraising, an event requires planning and organizing. A fundraising event can often be quite demanding and daunting due to the pressure that often comes along with it (they can also be a ton a fun). There are a lot of exciting and unique event ideas for fundraisers that will increase the attendance and chance of being successful.

A luxurious and high-class experience for a fundraiser could be a celebrity auction (I figured I’d start out with a bang here). If you have a connection or way of contacting a celebrity, they could be auctioned off at the event for the highest bid. The highest bid would win an experience with that individual, such as grabbing drinks. Whether it be a hometown hero or your favorite celebrity (Beyoncé would be cool, but let’s not get our hopes up), inviting them to the fundraiser will increase attendance and money raised. Another unique fundraising idea could be a cook-off. Everyone loves a fun event, especially when food is involved. For the cook-off, you could choose a specific food to be cooked and then charge attendees if they desire to be a judge. A way to obtain more money can be possible through charging guests per vote as well. Social media can also be incorporated into this event by allowing people to vote at home through photos posted. People can vote on “most mouth-watering” or something fun like “most tempted to eat.” Other than the food, another thing people love is karaoke (who doesn’t love to sing Sweet Caroline at the top of their lungs?). A karaoke event could be a fun, night-time event. To raise money, if someone gets challenged to sing a song and they refuse, they will need to pay to pass the song. This event will get people out of their comfort zones and will encourage a good time as well as the donation of money. The most significant factor that gets people to participate and raise money is an original idea and a fun theme. Getting people to have a genuinely good time rather than having them feel the pressure of the fundraiser is what will result in a successful and impactful fundraising event.