Crowd-Pleasing Catering Ideas

close-up catering table set

The ever-popular saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” is beautiful, yes, but I do not necessarily agree with the statement. Throughout life, I have learned that it is not the eyes, but it is the stomach. Although we need food to survive, it has become such a hot topic and a fun way to connect with people. Food is the one thing that can connect us. An event without food is a gathering nobody wants to be at (at least I wouldn’t… I mean no food?? Come on). Putting together fun and tasty hors d’oeuvres will not only please the hangry guests, but it can also help create topics of discussion amongst the attendees (the more fun the food is, the more tempted the guests are to talk about it). Appetizers do not have to be the plain and basic cocktail sausages or shrimp cocktails. The effort you put into the event needs to show equally through the food. There are so many different options for appetizers that guests will love and enjoy.

Depending on the theme of the event, you could pair up the food and drink to match the theme or message behind the event. For instance, if the event lands on a Tuesday (#TacoTuesday) or you just decide to plan a Mexican themed event, you could have tacos and mini margarita hors d’oeuvres (sombreros, a mariachi band, and some colorful décor be for an event would a fun twist on the average corporate event). Another yummy appetizer could be a sushi display. Sushi is an easy food that guests can eat with their hands and at their own pace. A vast array of colorful sushi will not only look beautiful, but it will spice up the atmosphere of the event (don’t forget to have the no-fish option for some of the pickier guests that might attend). On the sweeter side of things, you could have a macaron and tea table. Macarons have a reputation for being on the fancier side so guests will be excited to see an arrangement of these yummy cookies. This choice of food would be best offered during a daytime event (tea and cookies don’t scream nighttime). No party is complete without a little booze (responsibly of course). A fun way to offer a little alcohol is by having champagne jelly cubes. This small treat gives guests a little taste of the champagne while delivering it in smaller amounts. You could place fruit or candy inside the jelly cubes for some texture and a hint of sweetness. Serving these cubes on oversized spoons, inside hollowed out strawberries, or inside some decorative cupcake foils will not only make the jelly easier to eat, but it will be more sanitary than everyone grabbing the jelly cubes off a tray with their hands. The whole idea is to take an already existing appetizer and to elevate it. Most of these foods are delicious on their own, but by displaying them and uniquely pairing them, it makes eating them an exciting experience for guests.